This course is a survey of the mathematics that are relevant to the study of computer science and data science.  This course meets or exceeds the rigor of the content standards for Algebra I, and thus fulfills the Algebra I graduation requirement.  It is worth 10 California high school credits.  Students must be capable of understanding exponents and variables before taking this course.

This course is aligned to the California ICT and Common Core Math standards, including topics such as:

  • Set Theory (S-CP)
  • Boolean logic (ICT 5.12)
  • Binary and Hexadecimal (ICT 5.11)
  • Probability and Entropy (S-CP)
  • Conditional Probability (S-CP)

This integrated academics course helps students to learn the physics that occurs to make a computer work, and the supporting algebra to understand the physics.  This course is aligned to the California Standards, Common Core State Standards, NGSS standards, CompTIA standards, and other national standards.

This course will look at human history throughout the world through the technologies that were developed at different points in time, and how they affected society then and now.

This course helps students to learn the general principles of macro and micro economics, while focusing on how technology is changing our local, national, and world economy.