Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools has partnered with the Stride Center to provide computer technician training.  Their online courses can be found at http://moodle.stridecenter.org.  The online courses below contain additional resources to help supplement what Stride Center teaches.

The purpose of this 6-week course is to take donated computers that would otherwise be put in e-waste and transform them into either an Ubertop (desktop computer) or an Uberbook (notebook computer) which run the Ubermix operating system.  These computers are then gifted to families in need, to help them cross the "digital divide".  Volunteers who do the Uberfurbishing will gain hands-on experience with hardware repair, and will also receive one of the computers they refurbished.

This course focuses on computer hardware, such that students learn how to refurbish computer hardware, by testing components, replacing those that are bad, and upgrading components as appropriate.  Additional self-study focuses on learning a greater depth and breadth of hardware options and functionality.