Students in the Software Development Program prepare for careers related to computer science that involve the design, development, implementation, maintenance, and management of systems that rely on software programs to satisfy the operational needs of modern business organizations. Persons with expertise in systems development and programming are critical to support operations like electronic commerce, medical records management, retail sales and inventory management, digital entertainment, and use of energy.

In this course you will learn to think like a computer scientist, and dive into the Python programming language, which is commonly used in real-world development, including being used with Django for web development.  Further, Python is commonly used by system administrators to automate tasks, and by data scientists for analysis purposes.  This course is at a level of rigor equal to Algebra 1, and thus fulfills the HCCS Algebra graduation requirement.  But it should be noted that "equations" work differently in programming languages than traditional Algebra, thus this course does not necessarily prepare students for the CAHSEE.